tirsdag den 5. marts 2013

Cannondale CAAD10

After 5 months of finding components here and there my new road bike is finally finished for the 2013 season and several more. Having owned both a CAAD7 winter bike and CAAD8 nice weather bike the choice was easy. I bought a complete CAAD10 105 in BBQ and moved all the components to the CAAD8 frame, which took over winter duties from the CAAD7.

 The stock fork has been replaced by a Hi-Mod from a Super Six Evo and painted to match the frame which saved about 100g.

I had SR11 on my CAAD8 but never really liked the ergonomics of it due to the limited adjustability. Having my first experience with SRAM Force at the dealer launch at Sea Otter Classics in 2006 I thought it was time to try SRAM again with the launch of the new 2013 Red group.

The wheels are a special blend of Specialized Roval hubs manufactured by DT Swiss. The rear hub have a 2:1 lacing with 16 drive side spokes and 8 non drive side spokes to even out the spoke tension. I found the hub on CRC with a huge discount under the name DT Swiss LF07. As far as I have found out these hubs were produced in 2008 when Quickstep was riding Roval wheels. As you can see it says Prototype on the hub and must have been made for some kind of development work with the team. There are also pictures on the web showing clones of Campagnolo Hyperion rims with these hubs but using a normal lacing pattern.
I found a used font hub on Ebay as I wasn't able to find a new one. It had white flanges and big Roval logos on the carbon shell. I sanded the thick clear coat and logos off keeping the carbon nude and painted the flanges red. The red is not a perfect match to the rear hub, but it's close enough.
The Reynolds Assault rims have also been bought used. They have been sanded and given a layer of matte clear coat. The decals were bought on ebay and the whole package held together by Sapin CX-Ray spokes and Pillar internal nipples. Weight is around 1420g.

There are a few changed on the way. The current Ciamillo Negative G's will be replaced by some GLS. The seatpost collar will be replaced by a Smud carbon and the MKV chainrings will probably be replaced by some Praxis Clover.

torsdag den 27. oktober 2011

Winter cup 1. stage

Participated in the first stage of the local winter cup. It was about 20 degrees celcius, but winter will come for sure. Finished 3rd after a tough battle with number two "Lauritz Betjent". A local professional photographer who is a club member was out taking photos on the day. I think he shot a few good ones of me on my Rush.

torsdag den 26. maj 2011

Scalpel a no go

It's been about 2½ years since my last post here. It's not because time has been standing still, but there is a life out there that needs to be lived. Much has happened since I sold the Rivette. I bought a Cannondale Scalpel 68 and moved all the components from the Reivette to it. I got it under 9 kg but the geometry just didn't fit me, so I sold it again. Here is how it looked.

In my next posting I'll bring you up to date on my current bikes.

mandag den 13. oktober 2008

Going too light

As you might know I have been building some rather light bikes in the past, but have always focused on the style and looks of my bikes. The danish Rivette H6 is the best fitting bike I have owned to date and the clean looks helped by internal cable routing is a nice touch. It also the lightest bike I have ever owned at just under 8kg. Unfortunally this was also the bike that I had the worst crash with, which involved a broken collar bone and a lot of bruises at the 2006 Sea Otter Classic. After a month of healing I decided to sell the bike due to the bad carma.